I don't understand people who don't get bad lip reading. I'm a sucker for a good over-dubbed video and "Bad Lip Reading", for my money is right up there with Mystery Science Theater!

The entire Star Wars franchise is rife with great opportunities for bad lip reading. It's especially helpful since so many of the characters wear mask and/or heavy make-up and that makes the folks at BLR jobs a little easier.

Fans of Chewbacca will love this one,because he gets plenty of screen time. Fans of Harrison Ford will notice that he might seem to have aged a bit from the early days of the franchise, but he still brings it to the screen in his scenes with Carrie Fisher!

I wish they did more BLR videos, but it's obvious that it takes a long time to put one of these babies together. For now, enjoy the fact that we have a new BLR episode.

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