There's nothing like a little redneck ingenuity. It's seldom pretty, but it's almost always functional. We've all seen websites dedicated to redneck ingenuity. Invariably there's duct tape and WD-40 involved, but not so in this case.

What we have here is a video that you would expect to come out of somewhere in the deep south. If we saw this on the streets of Lake Charles, we might look more than once, but we would hardly be surprised.

This video doesn't take place in Lake Charles or anywhere in the Southern United States. These 'rednecks' are Russian and they came up with a great device for pushing a car. It involves one person riding in the trunk of the car and holding a tire between the two cars as they roll down the freeway or whatever they call it in Russia.

How do you say "Bubba" in Russian?

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