Louisiana and Texas have made great strides on repairing and rebuilding Interstate 10. There are still a couple of rough spots (from Lafayette to Breaux Bridge in Louisiana and from Orange to the state line in Texas.) Until this week I did not notice the huge mistake in Texas.


Texas completely rebuilt I-10 from Beaumont to Orange. In good driving conditions it is one of the best roads you will ever drive on. At first glance it seems that they did a much better job on I-10 than Louisiana (and spent a lot more money.) Then comes a couple of winter storms and the flaw is revealed and it's a big one. I am not privy for the reason that Texas decided the interstate would overpass all highways. Maybe it was because of security. I sure someone with Texas DOTD could tell us. All I can tell you is that it created a bunch of overpasses to freeze over in the winter.

In the past the overpasses were on the intersecting and much less traveled highways. Now (after the completed construction)  the interstate overpasses all of those highways. Driving across this stretch of I-10 earlier in the week was particular tricky because you had to slow down for so many overpasses. That would not have been the case if the highway was built like I-10 in Louisiana. It would be very expensive to fix this; and how often do we see weather like this? Though if this does become our Winter pattern; some changes might have to be made.


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