Winter weather

Cold Weather Tips from a Former Yankee
Over the years, not only did I learn I never wanted to live anywhere I had to scoop snow ever again, but I also picked up a few hacks to make life easier in snowy, icy weather. First off, just know, if you bust your butt on the ice, someone WILL see you.
Cajun De-Icer
Tony Chachere's is not only the official seasoning of Louisiana, it's also a great de-icer!   The other day, I had to go into one of the major office buildings downtown and there, on the sidewalk were great chunks of rock salt. Of course it did the trick, but one of our folks at K945, by the name of Justin Massoud, put up a story about a great way to de-ice sidewalks and we loved it so much we jus
More Overpasses to Ice?
Louisiana and Texas have made great strides on repairing and rebuilding Interstate 10. There are still a couple of rough spots (from Lafayette to Breaux Bridge in Louisiana and from Orange to the state line in Texas.) Until this week I did not notice the huge mistake in Texas.