Watch just about any dog food commercial and you'll see a collection of super-smart super trained dogs going through their paces. Dog food commercial dogs catch Frisbees and leap tall buildings at a single bound.

If you find yourself watching those commercials and wondering what's wrong with your dog, you're not alone. Seriously, think abut all the dogs you know in your life and then notice how the average person's dog can't even begin to do all those amazing tricks.It's not that your dog isn't smart, it's just that you have a job and responsibilities and you can't spend hours a day teaching your dog to read.

Now, here's a collection of dogs that are more like the dogs the average person owns. they're clumsy and just can't seem to master being super dogs. Reminds me of my dog, Hank. Now, Hank is a smart guy, but I don't try and teach him any fancy tricks. With what little free time I have, I'm just darned lucky that Hank is even housebroken.

If you don't have one of those super dogs from the commercials, I'll be you have one like at least one of the dogs in this video.

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