I guess the word hasn't gotten out to these folks. Sunburn is painful and very dangerous. To those people we are proud to announce that there is a new fangled product called "sunscreen."

Here are 11 pictures of folks who stayed in the sun just a tad too long. Looks painful.

Okay, hold onto your beach towels, I have a secret to share with you. I used to surf. Now, granted I'm not talking Waimea Bay here, but I did surf. Having a sunburn on Monday at school was a badge of honor. We really didn't know how stupid a 'badge' it was. Hey, when you're 16 years old, you're 10 feet tall and bullet-proof. As far as we knew, there was no such thing as sunscreen.

In the words of Woody Allen, "I don't tan - I stroke"

Here are some other folks who have obviously never read the dangers or heard the record, "Always Wear Sunscreen"

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the_real_evanniles, web.stagram.com
jacoblevers, web.stagram.com
p0rcelain_d0lly, web.stagram.com
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