I think we can all agree that, the more we try to make Christmas perfect, the less perfect it's going to be. I guess that's just a rule of nature or something, but I've never really seen it fail. There's just so much going on at Christmas that there are bound to a few fails along the way.

If you think your family has some odd things going on at Christmas, just check out this video and you'll see that your family just might be pretty normal. Most of what you'll see in this video leads me to believe that some kind of grown- up beverage might be involved.

Mel Brooks once said that comedy was when someone else walked into an open manhole and that tragedy was when he got a paper cut. There's a lot of truth in that statement.

Here's a chance for you to watch, sometimes in slow motion, other people's Christmases falling apart at the seams. What could be funnier and more entertaining?