So, you run to the grocery store where you find just about everything you could need right there in one location. Well, when it comes to non-grocery items you may be spending a lot more for the convenience.

1. Gift cards.  There they are right at the check-out stand; gift cards for just about anything. Resist the temptation to grab one because activation fees are $5 or more, even for a $50 card.  You can get a gift card to the store itself with no activation fees.

2.  Greeting cards.  Unless you find a card that is just perfect, you're going to spend way too much. An average grocery store card will run you about 4 bucks and it's going to be hokey at best.You could buy 50 blank cards and envelopes from Amazon for $7, and write your own messages.

3.  Name brand spices. this is another one of those items where generic is usually just as good as th4e name brand stuff. Let's face it, onion powder is onion powder and 9 out of 10 people can't tell the difference. It's much more economical to purchase bulk spices from a health food store, or grow your own herbs in a window planter.

4.  Flowers.  Just don't. Flowers from a grocery store tend to wilt faster and most of the time you get very few real flowers and a lot of filler.

5.  Party supplies.  Another item that people grab, 'because it's there.' these items are much cheaper at a dollar store and the selection is probably a lot better.