Louisiana's Economic Issues
Two Louisiana communities have seen an upturn in their local economy in the last half of 2015. What's it going to take for the rest of the state to join that turn around?
Oil Prices in 2016
What will the new year bring for those in the oil and gas industry? One expert offers his opinions on why 2016 shouldn't be as much of a roller coaster ride as 2015 was.
Axiall Plans Delayed
Everyone loves paying less at the pump, but low oil prices are having a negative impact on plans for a boom to the economy in this area.
Right now a few of the proposed projects are being put on hold due to falling energy prices and we can now count the Axiall project among those being held up by tho…
Learn the Art of 'Haggling'
In some countries, haggling is all part of the buying process. From time to time, when visiting other countries, I've haggled over prices and 9 times out of 10 you can save some pretty good money.
Here in the states though, haggling is not that common, but it can be done if you know what busines…

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