I feel pretty fortunate that I work on the broadcast side of radio in the South. Dress is pretty casual. I can wear pretty much anything and not draw the blink of an eye from anyone. Last week, when Gary called me in quite early when he wasn’t feeling well, I showed up in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. The only comment I received was from a female co-worker who remarked that my legs were as white as hers.

When I was a kid, I attended a Catholic school where uniforms were required. Ya know, the light blue shirt with Navy pants and a dark blue knit tie with the school’s emblem on it. I know that public schools here require uniforms, too.

I will admit that I used to dress a bit differently than I do now. Usually a pair of Dockers with a decent dress or casual shirt, until one day some sort of metal object came through the seat of the chair in the studio and poked a hole in those brand new Dockers. So now it’s pretty much jeans and a decent shirt. We have folks who wear shorts and t- shirts, baseball caps, and athletic wear, while sales folk dress more “professionally”, if you will.

This is all leading up to a new survey I found that indicated that 48% of participants wished they could wear a uniform to work so they wouldn’t have to pick an outfit. I know that I’ve had days when I’d pick my clothes the night before, but then didn’t feel like wearing them the following day.

The survey also said that 41% of people said they weren’t always sure if what they’re wearing is appropriate. If you ask my wife, she’ll tell you that most of the female anchors on The Weather Channel are inappropriately dressed. She thinks their dresses are too short and too tight.

By the way, for those who don’t wear uniforms, the survey said that casual dress is preferred.

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