It was good to see the Astros on TV a few times last week, thanks to Fox and ESPN. Also got to see my Detroit Tigers, even though they lost to Tampa on Saturday, and they’re on ESPN tonight against Seattle.

The Rangers announcers continue to bore.

Saw some highlights from the US Open Golf Championship on Saturday, too. What was with the dude in the pink pants? Ricky Fowler wore his trademark orange pants yesterday.

Got to mow the yard on Saturday; it was a great morning, too. Clouds and a good breeze. Didn’t sweat entirely through my clothes.

Yesterday was BOGO chicken and what turned out to be free ice cream day. Stopped for waffle cones at the local drive-in and waited quite a while for them, but the place was packed. When the car hop brought them, she said don’t worry about paying for them because it took way too long to bring them out.

It was also Father’s Day, and I did spend time remembering all the stuff my dad for me, like umpiring some of my little league games. No favoritism was shown. If anything, he may have been a bit stricter. He helped a lot when I was at Valley Forge General Hospital when I returned from Vietnam. He visited regularly, often bringing my mom and siblings, or aunts and uncles, or my grandfather, making that 1200 mile round trip in all kinds of weather. He helped with a porch railing on our house in Delaware, too, since my carpentry skills were lacking when it came to cutting stuff on an angle. And by the way, my carpentry skills are still lacking when cutting angles!

The process to get a new brace from the VA has begun. Saw the doctor last week, and now we wait on the appointment to visit the Lafayette clinic because I really don’t want to drive to Pineville.

Summer officially begins on Wednesday. Yeah, I know the summer weather’s been here a while already.


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