It looks like we might get some wind and rain from the system that is developing down in the gulf. As of this writing, the system has about a 90% chance of developing into a Tropical Storm. Even if this system turns out to be little more than a windy rainstorm, we still need to be prepared for the 2017 Hurricane Season.

With a great deal of help from Get Ready America, here is a list of some of the basic items you should get and keep on hand all season long:


Drinking water (1 gallon per person per day)
Manual can opener
Nonperishable foods*
Canned meat, fish, fruit,or vegetables
Flashlight (1 per person) *
Portable battery powered lanterns
Large trash bags
Battery operated radio
Extra batteries, including hearing aid batteries
First aid kit
Mosquito repellent
Waterproof matches / butane lighter

You should also have:


Ice Chest with several bags of ice
Important documents including emergency medical information.

Here is a much more complete list of items you may need during a weather emergency. Follow this list and you'll find the storm riding much more comfortable.

You might want to invest in a camp stove just in case we lose power for any length of time. make sure you have plenty of fuel for that stove as well.

Keep this list handy and make sure you have all the items where you can readily find them. We'll keep you posted on the weather all season long.

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