We held an impromptu poll on our Facebook and Twitter yesterday to see where your favorite places to eat crawfish are in SWLA.

Here's what we found out, and these are in no specific order:

  • Poole’s Boil n Go in Hayes
  • Sausage LInk
  • Pousson's Crawfish
  • Mac's Crawfish
  • Hot Spot
  • Seven Clans Buffet in Kinder
  • Steamboat Bills
  • Gumbeaux's Oyster & Sports Bar
  • Cody's in Sulphur
  • Mr. Bill's
  • Zydeco Crawfish
  • JT's Seafood
  • Tiger Boil
  • Seafood Palace
  • Honey B Ham
  • Country Club Crawfish
  • At your house

I have to admit, I'm the guy coming to the crawfish boil with a McDonald's bag or the guy your grilling chicken for, lol.  It's not that I don't like the taste of crawfish, or that I hate peeling them (because I'll be peeling them for my daughter), I just don't ever crave it.  In fact, I have never in my life said, "I'm hungry for crawfish".

My mom's family is Italian and my dad's side is Cajun French.  I guess I got more of the Italian blood in me than my Cajun roots.  What's funny is that my grandmother, who married my Italian grandfather, is from Oklahoma and I'd much rather butter in my rice than gravy.  Look, I know that's blasphemy around these parts, but hey, that's me.

Let us know in the comments your favorite place to eat crawfish in SWLA!

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