I have a lot of respect for people who make their living predicting the weather. No one can make you look like a fool more that mother nature. That's why I almost hate to say this; but the words "Wintry mix and snow" are in our forecast again. It is once again accompanied by temperatures in the 20's.

Ice Sign
Ice Sign (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Looking at Tuesdays forecast brings back a sense of deja vu. Tuesday morning will start at about 29 degrees with a 100% chance of a wintry mix and snow. There will also be a strong northerly wind to keep the wind chill even lower. Tuesday's high is predicted at 30 (the same high was predicted but never reached last Thursday.) The wintry mix could continue through the day followed by a low Tuesday night/Wednesday morning of 23 degrees. Any of that sound familiar? One model even shows us getting a significant amount of snow and before you laugh ... this model accurately predicted last Thursday's weather. This time you may want to spend the night somewhere that makes crossing bridges in the morning unnecessary.

Let's hope this forecast is wrong. If it is correct .... could we be seeing a new winter pattern for Southwest Louisiana?

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