Well, winter is here in Louisiana and you should have this in your vehicle.

If you woke up to a frozen windshield Thursday morning in south Louisiana chances are you had to wait for the heater to defrost your windshield.

Well, there is a solution for a frozen windshield, and it is not water! No, you need to get a can of Methanol De-Icer. You can find this at any automotive store and it works FAST!

You simply spray the liquid onto your windshield, door, or locks when frozen and watch the ice melt right before your eyes.

My dad has always given my sisters and me a can of this and l will confess, this is great for when you need it. You can ask my colleagues who benefited from me having this in my truck last year.

So, I'd encourage you to get a can or two of this and be prepared. Chance are we are going to have more frozen windshields in the days, weeks, or months ahead.


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