You gotta love William Shatner. He's become an icon and, for the most part, it's based on being William Shatner. Not only that, but William Shatner likes fried turkey!

Recently, Shatner team up with State Farm to highlight the dangers of frying a big bird like that. Since friend turkey is a big thing here in Louisiana, and since Louisiana ranks #7 in the nation for grease fires, we thought we would post some safety tips about the dangers of frying turkey.

When I first heard about "deep fried turkey" I thought it was a dumb idea; then I tasted it. What a great idea! The problem with deep fried turkey ( I mean other than the incredible dietary problems) is that you could burn down your house or even die frying!

Here are some very important safety tips from William Shatner and State Farm

Here are some important things to remember if you're going to enjoy friend turkey on Thanksgiving:

  • More than one-third of fires involving a fryer start in a garage or patio. Cook outdoors at a safe distance from any buildings or trees and keep the fryer off any wooden structures, such as a deck or patio.
  • Avoid a hot oil spill by first filling the pot with cold oil and then lower the thawed turkey into the pot to determine how much oil should be added or removed.
  • Shut off the fuel source or flame when adding the turkey to the hot oil to prevent a dangerous flare-up if oil does spill over the rim.
  • Make sure your turkey is properly thawed before lowering it slowly into the pot.
  • Never leave a hot turkey fryer unattended.
  • Do not use ice or water to cool down oil or extinguish an oil fire.
  • Keep an extinguisher approved for cooking or grease fire nearby.

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