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When TV Actors Sing
Ever since Shelly Fabares of the Donna Reed Show had a mega hit with 'Johnny Angel', it has been a custom for TV stars to record at least one record. The list of stars who actually had hits is much shorter than the list of those who tried and the list of actors who can actually sing is even shorter.
Lutcher Theatre Announces Amazing Season of Shows!
The Lutcher Theater is just a short drive from the lake area and it provides a level of entertainment one would expect to find in Houston, Baton Rouge or New Orleans. The up coming season will feature some amazing shows and it will start with "An Intimate Evening with Lindsey Buckingham&…
Celebs Who Made Records (But Shouldn’t Have)
Ever since there have been TV and movie stars, they've been making bad records.  While some folks in the movie and TV industry also really do have musical talent, most were asked to make records just because they were famous.
Here are 5 stars who made records that shouldn't have.