Tona Danza and Alyssa Milano are developing a Who’s the Boss? sequel, where they'll reprise their roles as Tony and Samantha Micelli.

This is amazing news. Look, when I was a kid, this show was my jam. I remember I couldn't wait until the next episode after I finished one. Plus, it didn't hurt that I thought Sam was super cute. Yep, I had a total little boy crush on Aylssa Milano.

Judith Light (Angela) and Danny Pintauro (Jonathan) were supposedly invited back, but their status is unclear.

Entertainment Weekly says they turned it down, but says they're "supportive" of the idea, and "hope the show finds creative ways to work them and their characters in." So maybe they just want to do a few cameos?

Sadly, Mona won't be back at all because Katherine Helmond passed away last year.

Milano said she's excited and, "We feel the time is right to tell the story of where these amazing characters are today. Can't wait to share their stories with you."

Danza added, "Here we go!"

The original show ran for eight seasons from 1984 to 1992 on ABC. There aren't yet any details on the plot, a network, or the timetable for the new show.

Alyssa Milano has been talking about a potential revival for a while, but as recently as last year, Tony Danza gave it a firm no. Last September, he said, "First of all, I've never been a big fan of these reboots. But no, can't reboot the show because we've got no Katherine Helmond, that's why not. That's it."

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