I need some advice here. When I was a kid growing up in Texas, we always had a beach house and one thing I loved to do was go crabbing. Now, I know where to enjoy that activity in Texas, but I haven't been crabbing since I was about 15 and that was a good 5 years ago. (cough, cough)

My question is: What is the best place to go crabbing around here? I've seen folks crabbing along the roads here and there, but is there one special place where I can get enough crabs to have a good old fashioned crab boil.

I asked around the station here and got very little help, so I'm dumping this whole thing in your lap. Help a fellow out here, because there's nothing I like better than fresh boiled crabs. They don't even have to be BBQ crabs or anything like that. Just a big pot of boiled crabs, a nut cracker and a bib and I'm good to go!

Now, when I was a kid, we would get some string and a net; tie some salt pork to the string and in a matter of hours, we were feasting on boiled crabs. is there anything better?

I asked around the station and got a few suggestions, but I want to know what you suggest.

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