Listeners know that I have had some voice issues the past few weeks. I completely lost my voice a few weeks ago and have never full regained it. I have been to my doctor twice and another doctor once. They all said allergies and one of them gave me a z pack. I have also had three steroid shots. This all helped but has not given me my full voice back. yesterday I went to a throat specialist.



He examined me carefully because of my history with throat cancer. He did not find anything though to be safe he set me up with an appointment to have a scope ran down there. He also set me up for a cat scan of my throat and neck area. This is all mainly cautionary though. He felt the main problem was that I was dehydrated (a side affect of my allergies.) He told me to use a mouth spray, drink room temperature water with a squeeze of real lemon juice ... then the big one ... give up coffee and salt!

Coffee is my last remaining vice! I am Cajun and I have to have my salt. He should have just put me out of my misery! I was really sleepy on my way in this morning. I had no idea how much the coffee really helps me. I am waiting for the caffeine withdrawal headaches. I am going to the store later today to look for salt free spices. I gotta have spicy food. The good news is that this is just temporary (at least that is what he told me.) Wish me luck!

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