Last week we posted a poll asking Lake Charles area women  what they really wanted for Valentines Day. We have the current results for you. Ladies can still take the poll and guys should check the results often for a little help. Valentines day is this Friday!

Valentine Dinner
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Surprisingly no one chose "a card', "flowers"(see next paragraph), "a day without sports", "lingerie", "a spa day" , "a stripper" or "a washing machine" (except the 23% who simply said they wanted everything on the list.)

A few (around 5 percent) said they wanted "a romantic dinner", "a weekend away" or "flowers delivered to her at work". As you can see guys ... simply getting her flowers is not enough. She wants everyone to see her flowers from you. Send them to her at work.

Then coming in third place is a close race between "jewelry", and "control of the remote." Come on guys ... it's romantic movie night and she gets to choose. How many ball games has she sat through?

In second place there is a tie between "I just want to be with him' and "a nice drawn bath, with a glass of wine, nice music, a nice massage and maybe ...." This does take a little pre-planning but seems to be the majority pic. I recommend rose petals in a bubble bath, a bottle of her favorite wine, some soothing music and get some good massage oil. Oh ... and turn off your phones! I do qualify to give advice as my wife and I have been married for over 25 years now. I must be doing something right.

The number one answer is "all of the above." Well who doesn't want it all? Guys ... you better get to shopping!


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