You're still in need of a Valentine's date for tonight, huh? First of all, kudos for being such a chronic procrastinator. Your partner is one fortunate gal or guy. I'm about to save your life.

Young romantic couple showing a heart shape on Valentine's Day in Rome
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Absolute Last, Last Minute Valentine's Dates In Lake Charles:

1. A romantic stroll across the park or seawall followed by dessert.

2. Get identical tattoos tonight.

3. Make an iconic date at a fast food restaurant where you both dress up to the nines and bring a tablecloth and cutlery with you. You might even go viral on social media if you do this.

4. Purchase a sushi-making kit and roll out some sushi together.

5. Decorate your home like a "spa" with candles (or incense) and relaxing music before giving them an hour-long massage. They won't care that you didn't take them to a nice restaurant any longer.

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