Turkey Day is right around the corner, and since Google has no concern for your privacy, we now know what you are searching for concerning the Thanksgiving holiday.

Louisiana's and Mississippi's top searches are for "pecan pie", Texas' top search is "when is Thanksgiving".

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Here are 4 other things we found from the Google Thanksgiving searches: 

1. The top search for 10 states is "What is Thanksgiving?".  You've got to be kidding me!  Shouldn't this be extremely common knowledge?!

2. In Colorado, the top search is "turkey bowling", which involves rolling a frozen turkey at bottles.  That actually sounds like fun!

3. 3 states are asking "Does England celebrate Thanksgiving?", those are Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia. And in Missouri, they're searching "Does Canada celebrate Thanksgiving?".  Boy, our nation isn't looking to bright with these Google searches.

4. And finally, 4 states have searches that showed absolutely no confidence in whoever is cooking for Thanksgiving.  In Alabama, Indiana, Georgia, and Kentucky, people are searching for "Restaurants open on Thanksgiving near me."

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