Love may be in the air on most wedding days, but sometimes, behind the lens, wedding photographers witness subtle signs that make them question the future of the bride and groom.

On Reddit, wedding photographers are pouring in with responses to the viral question, "What was your 'They're not gonna last long' moment?"

Hookups happen, and the photographic evidence proves it.

"I'm a videographer, and the groom called me a couple of days after the wedding. He wanted me to make sure I didn't include any footage of him checking out the women at the wedding," one person shared on Reddit.

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"[I was at] one of those hotel venues that can run two weddings at the same time. The bride from our wedding was found in a hotel room with the groomsmen from the other wedding doing coke before the first dance. The end result was we got paid and told no need to edit or deliver pics. Safe to say It didn't last the night," another photographer wrote.

"THE WORST ONE EVER: Caught groom making out with bride's MOM," someone else revealed.

A wedding of convenience doesn't spark confidence.

"While shooting video, I attached a microphone to the groom for audio and proceeded to prepare for the ceremony. Just as I was about to adjust my audio settings, the groom stepped into another room with a friend. As I put on my headphones, I overheard the groom confiding in his friend, describing the wedding as a 'wedding of convenience' and reassuring them not to be concerned about what would happen in their relationship," one videographer shared.

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"Bride looked visibly miserable the entire ceremony. While photographing the men's 'getting ready' portion, the groom repeatedly kept joking about killing himself. During the toast, the bride ran off to the bathroom for about 30 minutes and came back, wiping her tears with her eyes red and puffy. Neither of them had any chemistry at all. It made no sense why they were together to me. That was the last wedding I shot," someone else admitted.

Sometimes, it's the wedding speeches that speak volumes.

"Went to a wedding during college. They had a beautiful wedding on a boat off the Keys, and as the best man gave his speech, he was really drunk and shouted, 'You don't deserve her. You literally got a blow job from a stripper. No, make that two strippers at your bachelor party. Peace out.' He dropped the mic and tried to do a dramatic exit, but by this point, we were all stuck on this boat in the middle of the ocean. It took an hour to get back to port, and it was the most awful and awkward hour of our lives for everyone on that boat," one photographer revealed.

"At the rehearsal dinner, every toast to the bride was some euphemistic variation of 'I'm so glad you finally found someone to put up with your bulls--t.' They barely made it to the six-month mark," someone else shared.

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