Southwest Louisiana will be dealing with the devastation of Hurricane Laura for weeks and months ahead, but in this tragedy we find stories of heroes and those amazing people who step up and do what they do best: helping others in need.

I'm sure there are hundreds of stories about rescues and help being given to others throughout the Lake Charles community, but I wanted to share a few stories with you.
Watch as these National Guard soldiers who go out to deliver meals and water wind up rescuing people who have no where to go.

And this report about some Texas EMS workers coming to the aid of residents of an apartment complex who feel like they were left stranded to fend for themselves. These firefighters from Granberry, Texas went door to door at this apartment complex to get everyone out.

And this kind of work continues each day as National Guard soldiers use heavy equipment to clear roads and public areas across the region. It is grueling work but these men and women always step up to be there when they are needed. We can't thank them enough for all they do.

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