The Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management has enlisted some really big allies in our state's Fight the Bite campaign. Over the next few days, you might notice some rather large military aircraft flying low and slow over places you wouldn't normally expect to see planes of that kind flying. The reason? Two hurricanes in a month and a half have led to a huge increase in the mosquito population.

You know the mosquitoes are bad when you're bringing in a couple of C-130 aircraft. Those planes are not small by any stretch of the imagination. But then again, the mosquito problem following the hurricanes is a pretty big issue that has to be solved.

The aircraft will fly over Acadia, Calcasieu, Cameron, Iberia, Jeff Davis, Lafayette, and Vermilion parishes beginning today. You might notice the planes buzzing about during the daylight hours. They won't be spraying then. Instead, they will be doing reconnaissance flights for the actual "spray flights" later in the day.

The actual spraying for mosquitoes will be conducted right at dusk when the biting bugs are the most active. The only exception to this flight plan is over Cameron Parish. Because of safety concerns, pilots will execute spraying operations during the daylight hours there.

As a reminder, you can do your part to help Fight the Bite by checking your own property at ground level. Do you have pots, planters, or other items around your home that collect and hold water? If you do, you're operating a mosquito breeding ground. Make sure you clear your property of standing water and if possible clear up any brush piles around your place too. I know, we all have brush piles that are waiting to be collected, but still, if you can remove the limbs and debris that only aids in the fight.

The Governor's office says the spraying operations are expected to begin today and will last for the next six days. Hopefully, this will make a dent in the recent influx of mosquitoes following the back to back storms.

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