As we hurtle toward December and the end of another year, a couple of questions came to mind as we play our annual mind-numbing “All Christmas ‘Til Christmas” thing.

I was asked why “Hallelujah” is considered a Christmas song. That made me wonder why “My Favorite Things” is considered a Christmas song. It’s from “The Sound of Music” but there are no Christmas scenes in that movie. And how about “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”? No mention of Christmas in any of the recently discovered 14 different versions we’re playing. Yeah, try keeping those separated.

On another Christmas note, we’ve started seeing vehicles with those antler things on them. Last night I spotted a set on a Cadillac Escalade. Yeah, a $90,000.00 vehicle with antlers. I didn’t pay that much for my house 23 years ago!

The elephant in the room seems to be who will be accused of sexual misconduct next? Wow, it seems like almost everybody and their brother is being accused. My mother always drilled it into our heads that we were to keep our hands to ourselves. Especially where girls were concerned. Is this the result of all the tv shows and movies that have been made and continue to be made where just about anything goes and it’s ok? Is this the result of the “if it feels good do it” generation?

On a lighter note, which could get me in trouble, we traded my wife’s 2009 Jeep for a 2018 model over the weekend. While she was returning from a meeting last night she was stopped by the police. “He was cute” she said. The officer said to her “New car, huh?” Yes, my wife replied. “You’re driving without your lights” to which my wife replied “They’re supposed to come on automatically”. He reached in and turned the knob to “auto” and said “They will now. Have a nice night”.

Have a good one!

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