I guess, for the average kid of a certain generation, our Christmases were pretty much defined by names like Mattel, Hasbro and Parker Brothers. Those were the big names in toys and games back when. those toy commercials were also the harbingers of Christmas.

I don't think retailers started Christmas advertising nearly as early back then, It seems to me that it was right around Thanksgiving day when, suddenly, our senses were assailed by commercial after commercial featuring the newest toys for that year. Just seeing those toy commercials around Thanksgiving made you so eager for Christmas you couldn't stand it.

AS each commercial rolled by, we judged the Christmas worthiness of each gift. Mattel seemed to be the benchmark for great toys. Mattel made the coolest toy guns by far. Hasbro toys just weren't as exciting as Mattel. In fact, looking back, it seems that Hasbro offered cheaper versions of Mattel toys.

At any rate, I'll bet some of these commercials will bring back some great memories. You may have not seen these commercials, but I'll bet you remember the toys.

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