Legendary multinational toymaker, Mattel, is best known for creating Barbie. Since the iconic fashion doll was launched in 1959, Barbie has THE doll every little girl has had to have since the day she hit the shelves. She plays a very important role in that, she helps girls around the globe see themselves in a status of achievement. Barbie is far more than just a pretty face, she's an educated businesswoman too. That's right.

Over the years she's stood the test of time by transforming and keeping up with the latest fashion trends while transcending the business world. Believe it or not, Barbie has quite the global role model for young girls with 200 careers now, including STEM fields. She is the quintessential businesswoman, who's always her hair game tight and a J-O-B! Even better, Mattel has also made sure that she looks like every little girl in the world. In 1980 they launched their first Black and Hispanic Barbie's, followed by the first wheelchair Barbie, “Share a Smile Becky,” in 1997. Barbie has become one of the most iconic and most diverse toys on the planet.

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To keep the legacy going Mattel is paying homage to civil rights trailblazers, to which the Barbie maker stated, “We’re introducing girls to remarkable women’s stories to show them you can be anything.” According to blackamericaweb.com so far, they've created dolls in the likeness of NASA 'Hidden Figures" pioneer Katherine Johnson to the fearless Rosa Parks. In their continued effort to recognize influential shero's in history, their latest Barbie celebrates the courageous journalist and civil rights activist, Ida B. Wells.

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