26 Things You Didn't Know About Barbie
Everyone knows Barbie.  She's been around since 1959 and has had hundreds of careers over the years.
Barbie has had boyfriends, siblings, friends and pets over the years.  She's been an astronaut, a doctor, and a firefighter.  She has modeled thousands of outfits and, in fact…
How It's Made: Kaleidoscope
They're bright & shiny and just about everyone has seen them at one time or other. But did you ever wonder how they're made?
The making of this simple child's toy is anything but simple and easy.  Each element is made by different craftsmen and artists and then put togethe…
How It's Made: Lego
I've always been fascinated by seeing how things are made.  So imagine how excited I was to learn how they make Legos!
The Lego factory is in Denmark and is almost totally automated.  Robotic equipment makes each Lego and transfers them to holding areas where they wait for employees to…
1970's Vintage Toy Commercials
Kids today think their toys are the greatest...but I disagree.  The toys we had in the 1970's may not have been the most technologically advanced but I think they were some of the best ever made.
Who didn't love Mr. Potato Head?  Simple concept, but it kept us busy for hours...

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