Michael D. White of Burr Ferry in Vernon Parish found a way to make a real killing in the real estate market. His business plan was fairly simple and highly illegal. It seems that White allegedly sold the same piece of land to three different people.

According to Vernon Parish Sheriff Sam Craft ,White, 49, was charged with two counts of felony theft by fraud and one count of a misdemeanor probation violation. It seems that White has been in trouble before, although it wasn't revealed why he was on probation.

Craft says that the illegal land deal came to light after two people filed complaints against White. Both victims say that White sold them the same piece of land, then a third buyer surfaced with a claim to the same piece of real estate.

The victims all stand to lose about $100,00 in the alleged land swindle. White was arrested and booked into the Vernon Parish jail and held on a bond of $20, 483. White made bail and is now out pending an investigation into the incident.

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