I am probably editorializing here but if you steal from a church you are worse than an average criminal in my book. That's why I am currently not looking at Jonathan YBarra Enriquez of Anacoco in such a positive light this morning.

After reading this Facebook Post from the Vernon Parish Sheriff's Office you might not think too highly of Mr. Enriquez either.

Based on this report and Mr. Enriquez own admission he is a thief. Among the people and places, he is alleged to have committed crimes against is the Crystal Springs Baptist Church. Deputies in Vernon Parish say Enriquez broke into the church and stole money from the church's building fund donation box. He is also alleged to have stolen from a donation box at the church cemetery too.

Deputies say that Enriquez is also a suspect in several other crimes in Vernon Parish. He has been arrested and charged with the church burglaries as well as charges of domestic abuse. He remains incarcerated in the Vernon Parish Jail.

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