Hurricane Danny continues to churn away out in the Atlantic and at last report, had sustained winds of about 85 m.p.h. Once again, Danny's future is still the subject of much speculation due to the El Nino effect which is quite active this year. It's believed that the high level winds associated with El Nino could easily completely wipe out the storm system long before it could reach the American mainland.

Right now, Danny is becoming much more defined and while some strengthening is expected, the storm has not reached waters that are under the full El Nino effect.Meanwhile, the storm continues to move WNW at 10 mph and is located approximately 985 miles ESE of the Leeward Islands.

Danny is not expected to be a threat to the U.S. because by the middle of next week, the storm will have reached waters where the El Nino effect is full blown and the high level wind shears are expected to cause Danny to fall apart.

Let's hope these predictions are right. We'll keep you posted right here.

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