More good news on the weather from the tropics and that is that this year's 6th named storm has been downgraded to tropical storm status and poses no threat at all to the United States. this has been a rough year for storms trying to form in the Atlantic partly because of the water temperatures and the upper level wind shear that tends to make the storms break apart.

Earlier Monday Fred become the first hurricane to track through the Cape Verde islands in more than 100 years.  The last hurricane to move through those islands was back in 1892.

The thunderstorms associated with Fred have weakened significantly and Fred will continue a slow weather trend through mid-week followed by a rapid weakening trend later this week as Fred encounters much cooler waters.  Fred will pose no threat to the United States as it will degenerate over the open waters of the Atlantic northwest of the Cape Verde Islands by this weekend.

Other than Fred, no new tropical development is expected this week.

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