My family and I ate Mexican last night, I would have to say it's our most favorite cuisine to eat together as a family.

So, I set out on a mission to find the best mexican restaurants in our town. Some people like using Yelp, but I'm a Trip Advisor guy myself.

Top Ten Best Mexican Restuarants In Lake Charles:

  1. Tia Juanitas's 4.5 circles
  2. Cadillac Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar 4 circles
  3. Victoria's Taqueria 4.5 circles
  4. Casa Manana Mexican Restaurant 3.5 circles
  5. Laguna's Mexican Grill & Cantina 4.5 cirlces
  6. Que Pasa Taqueria 3.5 circles
  7. Taco Mel Taqueria 4.5 circles
  8. El Potrillo Mexican Grill 4 circles
  9. El Dorado Mexican Grill 3.5 circles
  10. Aubris Taqueria 5 circles

You may be asking yourself why some restaurants rank higher than others on the list but have a lower ranking. Trip Advisor will rank a restaurant that has a ton of reviews higher over another restaurant that has a few reviews even though the scores should suggest otherwise. I think this is very fair because anyone can get their family and friends to give their restaurant a five-circle review even if the food doesn't deserve it. That's not a dig on any restaurant on this list; I'm just explaining why having more reviews carries more weight in Trip Advisor's rankings.

To see the full list of best rated Mexican restaurants in Lake Charles, click here.

Top Ten Restaurants Lake Charles Needs


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