It really irks me to fill the bird feeder one day and it is empty the next. I know the birds are hungry and I am trying to help. The problem is that the squirrels are little pigs in disguise!



My family got me the bird feeder as a gift. It is a non stop source of entertainment. There are birds who eat off the feeder and birds who eat off of what is dropped in the grass under the feeder. Then there are the squirrels! The feeder is supposed to be squirrel proof but the little boogers are smarter than they look (like me.) they have figured out how to rob the feeder and they empty it in one day. That would be enough food for the birds for a week. My wife grew tired of me running out the back door and chasing the squirrels out of the yard. I’m sure it would make a funny video though. She decided to put cooking oil on the pole that holds the feeder. This amused us all day. The squirrels were quite frustrated and then they would slide on the trees and privacy fence when they left. I guess my choice is to spend more money on cooking oil or on bird seed.

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