These 12 Baby Chicks Will Brighten Your Day
Warning: our obsession with baby animals is unstoppable. Can you honestly blame us, though? We're already suckers for anything fuzzy and adorable, but when it comes in a tiny version, we're just sucked in automatically. Remember miniature puppies or itty bitty kittens? Our p…
Those Pesky Squirrels! [VIDEO]
It really irks me to fill the bird feeder one day and it is empty the next. I know the birds are hungry and I am trying to help. The problem is that the squirrels are little pigs in disguise!
Red Cars Attract More Bird Poop
You’ve probably heard that red cars get more speeding tickets, and that they cost more to insure. Contrary to popular belief, neither of these oft-quoted arguments against going red are true. But another potential urban legend is.