I know, I know, I know, it seems like we heard about this for 20 years now that Golden Corral is coming to Lake Charles.  But are they finally making the move?

In short, that answer is yes!  I can almost hear the angelic chorus singing now as I first walk through those doors to get my eat on.

Calcasieu.info reported earlier this month that GC was coming to town and that the General Manager had already been hired.

So I went to the Golden Corral website for confirmation on this matter that needed to be cleared up in my mind, stat!  Then, behold, on their location map it shows one for Lake Charles.


The buffet gods have heard my repeated cries and answered my deepest wishes!

There's no information on the opening date at this time, however, it's going to be located where the old Western Sizzler used to be next to the current CBS TV location.

There are still management job openings for kitchen manager and hospitality manager.

If you would like to work for the new Golden Corral, click here to fill out their application.

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