My wife posted on facebook last night that I was to search for remaining Hostess snacks for her this morning. I was already going grocery shopping so I added Hostess snacks to the list. I was wondering if there had been a run on the soon to dissapear goodies.

hostess 1
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I went to the back of the store where the Hostess products are shelved and found very little there. I grabbed one box of Suzie Q's and went off to do the rest of my shopping. I did notice that they were stocking shelves as I was shopping; so I checked again before leaving the store. I was in luck! I found Ding Dongs and Zingers (a fancy Twinkie.)

hostess 3
Don Rivers


I went home having accomplished my mission. Now I have to decide when to eat my last Ding Dong, Zinger and Suzie Q. I am also gonna check out buying stock in Little Debbies,


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