What does not kill us make us stronger. We've heard that saying in some shape form or fashion almost all of our lives. Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey made a lot of people in Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas stronger. The torrential downpours from the storm left many homeless and with very little reason to smile. Until now.

Do some math in your head. Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey happened when? It was late August and early September of last year. How many months ago was that roughly? If you answered nine then you can probably figure out what "The Harvey Effect" is all about.

Houston area hospitals are reporting a definite uptick in the number of babies that have been born in the month of May. That would mean that mom and dad would have had to have had some "togetherness" about the time of the storm.

One hospital in the Houston area says they have seen a 17% increase in babies born during the month of May. That translates to almost 60 more babies born than in a typical May.

I guess there truly is a silver lining around every dark cloud.


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