Parents of babies need to be aware of a new government report that found a high amount of toxic heavy metals in popular baby food brands.

According to an article from Reuters the government report says that officials need to step in and set better standards. A subcommittee from the House conducted the investigation and found “dangerous levels” of heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium. Exposure to these metals can be detrimental to the neurological development of a child and can lead to lower IQ, problems in school, even a life of crime.

The results included data from some of the major baby brands including Gerber, Happy Family Organics, Earth’s Best, and Beech-Nut. The report found that manufacturers have ignored the toxic levels and have allowed their products on shelves and eventually to families’ homes.

The congressional members are urging the government (i.e. FDA) to set stricter regulations on the amount of metals allowed in food. I know the sound of metal, period, in our food is scary but it’s unavoidable. Metals enter into the food system naturally through water, air, and soil that’s why the levels need to be monitored. The FDA says they are taking these findings seriously.

Baby food manufacturers and companies are also advised to check levels after the finished product, not just by the ingredient.

Three companies (Walmart, Campbell's, and Sprout Organic Foods) refused to participate in the study which was cited as "greatly concerning."

The majority of the companies involved and not involved in the study have all refuted the new findings of the report and stood by the safety of their products.

Obviously, this is tremendously concerning if you're a parent so you might be wondering what you can do to keep your baby safe. James Dickerson of Consumer Reports told CBS News to limit the amount of products with rice and sweet potatoes

...which tend to absorb more pollutants because of the way they are grown.

Parents are also advised to avoid puff snacks which were also found to have high levels of heavy metals. The key point is moderation even if you are feeding your kid baby food.

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