Are you sick and tired of gender reveal parties that use a boring cake or balloons to let those in attendance know whether a new baby will be a boy or a girl? Then you are in luck because Villa Italian Kitchen has solved your gender reveal dilemmas.

That's right the gender reveal lasagna is officially here. This way you can treat your guests to a delicious Italian favorite and announce the sex of your child with every serving.

The "boy" lasagna features a blue colored cheese filling while the "girl" lasagna announces the sex of your soon-to-be-child with a gentle pink coloring added to the cheese.

Why yes, it does look incredibly gross and totally unappetizing. But it's lasagna so I would eat it.

Believe or not there are a lot of folks that think this is a really bad idea.

I would say I agree but I think the whole gender reveal thing has gotten out of hand anyway. Personally, I liked finding out what the sex of our children was the old fashioned way. We waited until they were born, we looked at the appropriate anatomical areas, we passed out bubble gum cigars.

But I realize I am not everyone and I am certainly not on board with this kind of manipulation of something as important as lasagna. But, to each his own I suppose and don't be surprised if this kind of nonsense spreads to other foods like gumbo, jambalaya, and headcheese.

By the way, you can order the gender reveal lasagna from Villa Italian Kitchen. The whole kit comes in a package priced at $139. If you're looking for locations in Louisiana the company has one in Lake Charles, one in Baton Rouge, and one in New Orleans.

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