According to a new survey, 76% of people say that on an average day, their happiest moments are when they're eating.

No matter how bad things are going, all of it vanishes ever so briefly the moment you shove a slice of pizza or a donut into your mouth.

The survey also found that for 20% of people eating is even more enjoyable than "getting-it-on".  I mean...I've heard people scream after a roller coaster ride that the experience was better than whoopie...but food?  I've had some food that made my knees weak, but I don't think I will ever be included in that 20% club.

"SURVEY SAYS" that 10 foods that make us the happiest.  So it got me to thinking, where in SWLA are my happy places?  If I'm going to get any of these foods, where would it be?

So here's my list of the 10 foods that make us happy and where I would eat them:

Chocolate - I'm more of a vanilla type guy, but I'll never (and I mean NEVER) turn down a chocolate cup cake from Sweet Chics Bakery.

Pizza - There are tons of great places to get a pie in SWLA, but I would have to go with Pizza Artista on this one!

Fried foods - Come on...Ball's Fried Chicken with no hesitation!

Steak - For my money the best steak in SWLA is at Salt Grass.

Burgers - Just like pizza, this one is a hard one.  So many good places.  But, one burger does it for me every time.  The Pierre Special from Dairy Barn in Sulphur.

Spicy foods - I love spicy foods.  Especially spicy wings.  I gotta go with Wing Stop's boneless Mango Habanero wings with their blue cheese dressing!

Ice cream - I know it's not really ice cream but I can tear up some fro-yo!  And yes, once again so many good places.  Another tough one, but I think Sweet Frog edges itself to the top.

Brownies - Once again, when it comes to anything baked, give me Sweet Chics Bakery!

Cheese - You can't beat fresh cheese!  My all time fav is pepper jack.  Pronia's Deli would be my stop.  Slice that amazing cheese on my sandwich and put some on the side!

Pasta - It's all about the sauce on this one!  I'm gonna have to go with traditional spaghetti and meatballs here.  Give me Tony's Pizza on this one.  Their sweet yet tangy marinara sauce and those huge meat balls...yes please!

Where are your favorite places to eat these happy foods in SWLA?

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