Tony Chachere's is not only the official seasoning of Louisiana, it's also a great de-icer!

Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis


The other day, I had to go into one of the major office buildings downtown and there, on the sidewalk were great chunks of rock salt. Of course it did the trick, but one of our folks at K945, by the name of Justin Massoud, put up a story about a great way to de-ice sidewalks and we loved it so much we just had to pass it along.

Of course, Shreveport has had even more ice than we have had. The other day, the sales manager of one of our station in Shreveport noticed that the sidewalk was very icy. She took out her handy can of Tony C's and voila! Safe sidewalk.

So, next time we get ice, just go to the kitchen and grab some Tony C's and add some to your sidewalk. Cool, huh?

Of course the neighbors will all come over because they will think your cooking something good!


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