I don't know if you're familiar with a show called "Adam Ruins Everything", but the title pretty much sums up the show. In his Youtube series, In the series, Adam Conover tackles a myriad of subjects and then attempts to explain how certain things came to be and, for the most part, take all the fun out of those things. Of course, he (and we) have a lot of fun doing it.

Did you know that Mother's Day was never intended to be the big hoopla that it has become? The fact is that the woman who came up with the idea for Mother's Day, Anna Jarvis, was not at all happy when the special day took off and became as commercialized as any other holiday.

Jarvis, at one point, even tried to undo what she had done by attempting to get Congress to cancel the holiday.

Here's Adam with everything you wanted to know about Mother's Day and even a little bit more.