Since I'm on the 'Do Not Call" list, I don't ever have to deal with telemarketers and that does make me very happy. After hearing this uber creepy call, it makes me even happier. Oh sure, I get the occasional call from a politician reminding me to go vote "No"
on proposition "Maybe", but other than that, when my phone rings I don't really worry about who's calling.

Obviously the lady in this video has had her fill of telemarketers and decided to mess with the guy making the call. Sounds like a lot of fun, but in this particular case, the telemarketer sounds more like he could be related to Hannibal Lector.

I'll warn you now that this guys voice and the things he says are so creepy you'll feel like you need to take a hot shower to get the grime off. There's nothing obscene over even suggestive, it's just the guy's whole demeanor that will creep you out.



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