Apparently being aware of your surroundings is no longer applicable if you happen to be a man at a gas station these days. Tik Tok creator @westmomonet has published a video on the social media platform that women all over the world are in apparent agreement with but that same video has left more than a few men bewidlered.


The short less than 10-second video shows Moe (@westmomonet) pantomiming a scenario where she is a young woman in a check-out line at a gas station. Then she takes on the persona of a "creepy man" and turns around as if to stare herself down.

Here's the video:


Ladies, does this happen a lot more than we non-creepy men notice? Or is any behavior by a male of the species going to be treated as "creepy" by default?

angry mad woman gesturing asking are you crazy?
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Personally, I do my best to not look at anyone when I go out in public. I barely look at the cashier when I pay for things at the register but I can see how this kind of behavior would be "more than creepy". And fellows, some of you do act really creepy around women, so I can understand how a lot of the "good guys" get lumped into the "creepy" bucket too.

I suppose the most alarming thing about this revelation is the response that @westmomonet received in the comments. Sure not all guys are creepy but some of the responses, well, listen for yourself.


She makes a great point in this video "unless you've never been afraid or concerned for your safety" then you really don't understand what this video is all about. For a lot of us men, we don't know what that feels like and perhaps we should acknowledge those are real feelings that many women have.

Maybe we should also take a proactive stance in public situations to help make female shoppers feel a bit more at ease. It is possible to survey your surroundings without making someone feel as if you're a threat. We as a gender, the male gender need to work on that with some of our "brothers".

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