There are 2,430 MLB games in a season, and each team hosts 81 of them, so tickets should be reasonably priced, right?

New York Mets v Houston Astros
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This year's average ticket price is around $35, but it varies by team. The average ticket price for the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees is more than $60, while the Arizona Diamondbacks and Miami Marlins are closer to $20.

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That doesn't seem crazy, but it quickly adds up if you're taking the whole family. And, of course, the spending does not end there.

Once inside the ballpark, the average baseball fan spends $51 on concession food, drinks, beer, other alcoholic beverages, seat upgrades, parking, and team merch.

Pittsburgh Pirates v New York Yankees
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According to a recent poll, 47% of people plan to attend an MLB game this season, but 58% prefer to watch MLB games on TV at home. Some of this is due to the cost. Because of the price in this economy, 35% of people said they will attend fewer games or none at all. The average fan who intends to attend a game in person anticipates attending three games this year.

Today is Opening Day, and 15% of people are "very interested" in the MLB season. Another 42% are "interested", and the remaining 43% are not interested in MLB this season.

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