The thing about young baseball players is that sometime they don't know that they are no supposed to win. they can do great things that nobody expected. The Florida Marlins won a World Series with a young team that did not know they weren't supposed to beat the Yankees. It's a new season and everyone is starting out with the same chances.  The Astros are playing 500 ball so far this spring. Is there hope for a winning season?

getty images/ Kevin C. Cox

The Astros do have four players batting over 300 this Spring (even though they only have six games under their belts.) The team is 3-3 so far. Of the 29 pitchers in the Astros Spring training camp ... 9 have an ERA below 3.0. Could this hitting and pitching carry into the regular season? If it does you will see some happy Astros fans. I say enjoy it while you can.