The Astros Are Playing 500 Baseball
The thing about young baseball players is that sometime they don't know that they are no supposed to win. they can do great things that nobody expected. The Florida Marlins won a World Series with a young team that did not know they weren't supposed to beat the Yankees. It's a new season and everyon…
MLB Hall of Fame Elections Announced
The Baseball Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. That's Mecca for baseball fans. Where else could one see exhibits and memorabilia featuring such greats as Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle or (one of my favorite players) Willie Stargell ?
The election for nominees this year includes:
No one ! That's righ…
This Guy Makes Me Nervous!
The Detroit Tigers held off the New York Yankees in Game 2 of the ALDS yesterday. But geez, did we need that much drama? Jose Valverde has always made me nervous...even when he was with the Astros.